Boarding -Small furry animals & birds

Pet Assist boarding facilities
Some of our guest boarders

Our new boarding and exercise area is fully secure as has mesh wire fully enclosing the roof and on the inside of the fence panels, so it is fox proof and dig proof (see photos below).

We board small furry animals such as mice, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters.  

We also can care for bearded dragons and tortoise, and birds such as parrots, and other small birds.

Your rabbits, guinea pigs etc can come in their own cages if they are indoor and stay at Pet Assist premises which is safe and secure, or you can use our outdoor hutches (subject to availability) which meet RWAF recommendations.

We now have a dedicated outdoor fox proof and dig proof large boarding exercise area.

Birdcages and vivariums are not provided, so you will have to provide these along with their bedding and food and any replacement bulbs or heaters as required.

The house and garden areas are completely safe, enclosed and secure.

Rabbits must be vaccinated with Myxomatosis and VHD at least 14 days before boarding commences and a certificate will be required in advance for proof of vaccination.  It is now advisable your rabbits are vaccinated with both VHD1 and VHD2 vaccine which is now in the area and so vaccines are now available from Cundall & Duffy Vets.

Alternatively, you can have  Home visits

We can provide a Pop-in service in your home to feed and clean out your small animals if you would prefer.